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Vision to Execution Workbook

The Vision To Execution Workbook is a place where you can write down your thoughts and plans about your vision and goals. The workbook will cover different parts to help you develop a strong foundation to turn your vision into a business. It will assist in topics where you want to go and what are the next steps. Our goal in Vision to Execution Workbook is to overcome barriers, limitations, fear of the unknown, and to develop a strategic action plan to take with you to the next level. Subscribe for updates.

Vision to Execution Workbook
Vision to Execution Workbook


  • Social Media Management


  • website design and development


  • strategy session


  • Entrepreneur Creative Strategist

Goal Setting Worksheet

Goal Setting Worksheet

We are excited that you are ready to set your goals and develop action steps to accomplish your goal. It is time for you to download the goal worksheet. You are ready to step out of your comfort zone and get things done. You are probably at a place where you are ready to make a change. No more excuses! No more complaining! It is time to overcome frustration and barriers. So let’s get started.


  • What's your goal?

  • When do you want to complete this goal?

  • List each step you have to do to accomplish the goal.

  • Set a date you want to complete each step.


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MIND Plannner


​​​​​​​As the world has changed on us. It has seemed overwhelming. Homeschooling our kids, working from home, trying to keep up with all the roles, hats, and tasks that we have to do. We developed a printable planner that can be used for anyone. You can:


  • Plan your goals

  • Daily planner with hourly blocks

  • To-Do list

  • Notes Section

  • Reflection Time


It feels GREAT when you can cross things off your list and look back at your list to see what you are missing or see what you accomplished. Let's take time to plan the day so you can feel accomplished. Invest in your sanity and organization. 

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