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As a current and aspiring entrepreneur it can be overwhelming and frustrating on getting started. I'm so glad you found this course!! In this course you are going to define your vision and purpose for your website. You will also develop content/wording you need to reach your audience so you can elevate their reach, brand, and return on investment use the “The 4 A’s Method”.


"Creating Content For Your Website"

  • Self-paced course with 7 video tutorials 

  • Creating Content For Your Website Workbook

  • Vision To Execution Workbook "Turning Ideas Into An Official Business"

  • Planner included

  • Goal Setting Worksheet included

  • .....and so much more....

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Are You Ready To...


Define the purpose of your website


Identify the main objectives you want your clients to know about your business when they visit your website 


Create content/wording for the website


Develop your call to action buttons that will connect you with your audience and assist you in reaching your goals

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Feeling Unsure...

The fear of the unknown always creeps in my mind, and I get it. I understand how tight the coins can be. Investing in your dreams is a big leap of faith.

I want to have a 15-minute call to discuss your barriers, concerns, and identify how this course can meet your needs.

Copy of Creating Your Website

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You never know until you address your concerns. Don't let fear or the unknown stop you from fulfilling your true purpose.

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